Letter From The President

For over twenty-five years, Recyc-Systems has assisted our customers with their bio-solids land application needs. We have worked to provide high quality service to customers who generate bio-solids and other residuals that meet acceptable standards for land application. Our partners have saved substantial amounts of money by avoiding landfill tipping fees and other disposal and treatment costs of bio-solid residuals.

Recyc-Systems has experience in hauling and land applying both solid and liquid Class B residuals from wastewater treatment and food processing plants. This is an environmentally friendly way of disposing of the residuals. Farmers and landowners who partner with us have come to realize the economic benefit they receive from the bio-solids being applied to their crops. Bio-solid land application helps the farmer by reducing the need for costly commercial fertilizer.

Recyc-Systems is a one-stop bio-solids contractor for both the generator and landowner. We specialize in hauling, land applying, and managing all of the material. Our company specific software package assures us that load limits are in compliance for each acre we utilize. This same software will produce year-end annual reports detailing to the generator and landowner exactly how much material and which nutrients were applied to each location.

Our goal is simple. We want to continue to do what we have always done and to do it the right way. We have a strategy for growth that will allow us to partner with new customers and help them overcome their bio-solid management challenges.

Greg Paul
Keith Paul